36/37 Rhodes Back-Action Chisel

Dental Instruments

36/37 Rhodes Back-Action Periodontal Chisels are used for removing and re-contouring bone. The Back-Action Chisels are designed for use with a pull stroke.  36/37 Rhodes design is ideal for removing bone adjacent to the tooth without causing trauma, and is especially useful on the distal of last molars.

Rhodes Back-Action Periodontal Chisel is double ended hand surgical instrument with opposing blade angles and semi-circular cutting edges on each side of the blad. The cutting-edge width of each end blad is 3.8mm.

Rhodes Back Action Chisel Fig. 36/37 is one of the most popular periodontal surgery instruments. The double angled design, together with the gently curved blades give the easiest access to the most difficult areas, particularly the 3rd molar area. The Ergonomically smooth, large diameter hollow handle design is used. Different handle designs are also available on request.

Technical Specifications of 36/37 Rhodes Back-Action Chisel:

  • Total length of instrument is 171mm
  • Chisel cutting edge width is 3.8mm, on each side
  • Rhodes design, with Semi-Circular cutting edges
  • Durable high grade surgical stainless-steel
  • Completely sterilizable
  • Satin Steel Finishing
  • Left-Hand or Right-Hand usage
  • Boil Tested, Performance Tested, Shape Tested
  • Also available with Black color coated working tips

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