Scalpel Handles

Surgical Instruments

Scalpels or Scalpel Handles are intended to be use with surgical blades for tissue separation and other procedure that require a sharp surgical blade to puncture or cut. Scalpel Handle hold the scalpel blade, it is a small and extremely sharp instrument used for surgery and anatomical dissection. A Scalpel may be single-use (disposable) or re-usable device.

Single Use Scalpels:

Single use or disposable scalpels usually have a plastic handle with an extensible blade. These are single use devices, and the entire instrument must be discarded after use.

Reusable Scalpels:

Reusable scalpels are made of stainless steel or titanium materials. We at MEDI-CAB Instruments only offer reusable scalpel handles made of high quality surgical stainless steel. These surgical scalpel handles are manufactured as a single unit instrument. The groove at the tip of scalpel handle allows to fit in and hold the scalpel blades. In medical applications, each scalpel blade must only be use once. The reusable scalpel blades are usually individually packed in sterile pouches but are also offered non-sterile.

We at MEDI-CAB Instruments manufacture the medical scalpels in various sizes and designs. There are two most commonly used scalpel handles are flat & round handles. The flat handle is used in #3 and #4 handles. A #4 handle is larger than a #3. The #5 handle is round shaped with smooth gripping. The #7 handle is more like a long writing pen, rounded at the front and flat at the back. Blades are manufactured with a corresponding fitment size so that they fit on only one size handle.

Scalpel Handle Gripping:

Palmar Grip:

The handle is held with the second through fourth fingers and secured along the base of the hand thumb, with the help of index finger extended along the top rear of the blade and the thumb along the side of the handle. This grip is best for initial incisions and larger cuts. This is also known as the dinner knife grip.

Pencil Grip:

The scalpel is held with the tips of the first and second fingers and the tip of the hand thumb with the handle resting on the fleshy base of the index finger and thumb. Care should be taken not to allow the handle to rest too far along the index finger as this promotes an unstable grip and cramped fingers. The pencil grip is used for more accurate cuts with smaller blades (e.g. #15) and the #7 handle.

Technical Specifications of Scalpel Handles:

  • Available sizes are #3, #5 straight, #5 angled
  • More designs and sizes are available on request.
  • Can be sterilized and autoclaved
  • Durable high grade surgical stainless-steel
  • Satin Steel Finishing
  • Left-Hand or Right-Hand usage
  • Boil Tested, Performance Tested, Shape Tested

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