Steiglitz Forceps

Dental Instruments
Steiglitz Forceps

This Steiglitz Forceps are used for post and silver point removal and obturation carrier removal. They are available as Straight, 45˚ and 90˚. Jaws are serrated with groove. Made of surgical grade stainless steel. Handcrafted to precise specifications. For optimal balance, leverage and control.

Technical Specifications

  • Total lengths of instruments are 12cm, 13cm and 13.5cm
  • Serrated jaws with grooves
  • 3 step locking ratchets
  • Durable high grade surgical stainless-steel
  • Completely sterilizable
  • Satin Steel Finishing
  • Left-Hand or Right-Hand usage
  • Boil Tested, Performance Tested, Shape Tested

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