Surgical Instruments

The Backhaus towel clamp is a perforating clamp. It is used for grasping the tissue, securing towels or drapes, and holding or reducing small bone fractures. Backhaus Towel Clamp is mainly used to fasten drapes or towels to patients during medical procedures in order for them to stay on. The pointed tips of the Backhaus towel clamp jaws cave inward so that they enter both the skin and drape. The Backhaus towel clamp is designed with ring-handles and ratchet. The ratchet locking allows the clamp to remain in place until it is released. The Backhaus towel clamp design is available in 9cm and 12cm lengths. The other designs of towel clamps include Lorna Clamp, Roeder Clamp & Jones Towel Clamp. Lorna Clamps are used to secure equipment (e.g. suction lines and cautery cords). These are non-perforating clamps. This design is helpful to minimize the risk of contamination of the surgical field. Roeder towel clamps are very similar to Backhaus towel clamps, except for the presence of ball stops located on the shaft of the claws that act to limit the depth of penetration of the tissues. Jones towel clamp is a small and lightweight towel clam. It ideal for delicate procedures e.g. ophthalmic procedures.

Dental Instruments

Pin and ligature orthodontic wire cutters are designed to cut soft wires, elastic ligatures and pins on orthodontic appliances. These cutters are available in Straight and Angled designs. The most commonly used angled pin & ligature wire cutters are 15° or 50° angled. The angled tapered designs are very useful for difficult to reach areas. The Pin and ligature cutter may feature a sliding lock joint or a box joint. The tips may be tungsten carbide inserted (available in stock) for superior grip or have diamond-honed (available on request) edges for flawless cutting.  The total length of Pint & Ligature wire cutter is 12.5cm. It is designed to cut all types of wire ranging from 0.30mm (0.012“). The ultra slim profile of Pin & Ligature cutters makes these the most suitable wire cutters for difficult to access areas.

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